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Company History 企業歷程

Established on 27th May, 1974, BAEYON Industrial specializes in providing roboticized manufacturing flat type winding,automatic winding,armature winding,poles winding,voice coil,tension control equipments for winding department in the industry of electronics, electric machine, household appliances and motor, etc. With 82 employees* efforts, we have the annual productivity of 250 sets.

With emphasizing the importance of quality, especially flat type winding,automatic winding,armature winding,poles winding,voice coil,tension control function and stability, BAEYON has been cooperating with partners worldwide. Over the past years, we have assisted our customers in improving the competitiveness of their
products in international market and achieving better economic benefits than their colleagues in the same

Moreover, we keep working with perseverance, improvement; strive for the request to flat type winding,automatic winding,armature winding,poles winding,voice coil,tension control coil automatism
equipment of user.

We boast a history of continuous innovation and improvement in the industry.

The first automatic coil winding machine※baeyon916§ with 16 spindles which was made for Taiwan Meiji has
been in running since 1988.

In 1972:Successfully developed TV reedlike coil winding machine.
In 1973:Successfully developed automatic multi-layer paper insert coil winding machine.
In 1975:Successfully developed parallel double spindle coil winding machine.
In 1976:Successfully developed phone coil winding machine.
In 1979:Successfully developed stator coil winding machine.
In 1982:Successfully developed NC controller for coil winding machine.
In 1983:Make a general improvement take the use of NC control technology.
In 1986:Successfully developed Stator 18-phase coil winding machine.
In 1988:Successfully using the SERVO motor and CNC technology.
In 1990:Successfully developed oil-meter automatic coil winding machine.
In 1992:Successfully developed automatic rotor coil winding machine.
In 1994:Successfully developed 16 axis automatic winding machine.
In 1995:Success of the hinge line machine with the perfect combination of winding machine.
In 2000:Taiwan's first born HORN WINDING MACHINE Machine.
In 2001:Successfully developed Six-axis HORN WINDING MACHINE.
In 2002:Successfully developed Dedicated machine within the wound.
In 2003:Successfully developed Winding machine with automatic soldering machine.
In 2004:Winding machine with automatic soldering, the package combines the melter.
In 2005:Automatic feeding, winding, hinge line, soldering, testing, fully automated production lines birth.
In 2006:Successfully developed 12 Axis Multi-tank ignition coil increased wheelbase.
In 2007:Technical sophistication for an overall improvement of existing products.

So far, we persevere, the pursuit of excellence, the coil toward the user demand for automated production equipment and work.
The Company reserves the change models, specifications of rights.